Be more productive
when everything works together

Everything works together brings all of your tasks together into one consistent interface.
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google Contacts

Effectively organize your projects

An outline is the most flexible way to organize. With you can zoom and search mutliple outlines and use GTD and Kanban Boards at the same time.
Organize everything your way

Email is now a powerful todo list

Sort emails by priority. Manage multiple labels side by side. Move emails to your Outline to manage emails in your organization system. Make email work for you.
Be the boss of your inbox

Schedule your tasks in your calendar

Tasks are important whether they're on a todo list or your calendar. And now Snooze is not your only option for email: you can schedule emails too.
Plan time for everything

Panes work together

Search and zoom multiple panes to build your own workflows.
Schedule emails
Kanban Boards
Project Management

Schedule emails

Kanban Boards


Project Management is always there for you

Realtime collaboration synchronizes in realtime between all your devices and collaborators.

Works offline works offline on every device. Changes will synchronize when you come online.

Extreme privacy

Your data is stored in your personal Google Drive account. None of your data ever goes through our servers.

Available on all devices