We’ve been quiet recently while working on big new features for Moo.do, so we just wanted to update everyone on some recent changes and the roadmap for the next few months.


  • Collapsing is now per pane so that panes can be better used to focus on different areas of your lists.
  • Collapsed state will now be saved when you switch documents.
  • Search automatically expands collapsed items. Collapsing items while searched will not change their state outside of search.

Upcoming roadmap

  • Google Drive integration (Premium)
  • Performance upgrade on desktop and mobile
  • Notes
  • Notification settings
  • International dates like DD/MM/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD
  • Gmail

Moo.do & Mailbird

We just launched a deep integration with Mailbird 2.0, which is (in our humble opinions) the best email app for Windows. With Mailbird and Moo.do, email becomes a real to-do list that you can organize, prioritize, and schedule right alongside all your other projects and tasks.

Moo.do is built into Mailbird 2.0 as a dedicated sidebar, so you can drag your emails from Mailbird right into your Moo.do lists. It’s also an app inside Mailbird for a full-screen view of your Moo.do workflow. You can easily open emails from your task list: click an email in Moo.do and Mailbird opens it for you.

Organizing email and tasks together has completely transformed the way we use email. We don’t have to manually write down emails that need follow up. We don’t miss important emails because we can prioritize and schedule them alongside our other tasks and appointments.

We’re super excited about this integration with Mailbird and we hope it makes you less frustrated and more productive!

Get Mailbird 2.0 at http://www.getmailbird.com.

We are very happy to announce the next big step for Moo.do, and the reason we created Moo.do in the first place. You will soon be able to organize your email in Moo.do.


We are making Moo.do a full email application for Gmail and also integrating it into other email apps, starting with Mailbird, a fantastic email app for Windows.

Emails work just like everything else in Moo.do: you can prioritize, schedule, tag, complete, and star your emails. Scheduled and prioritized emails show up in your agenda so you know what emails to deal with next. You can organize emails into your projects and put them right on your to-do lists. Search filters emails the same way as tasks, so it fits right into your workflow.

Google Drive

In addition to email, you can organize your Google Drive files and documents in your lists. If you drag a file from your computer into a Moo.do list, it will upload to Drive for you. Or if it’s already in Drive, Moo.do will find it and link to it.


Moo.do is built into Mailbird 2.0 as a dedicated sidebar, so you can drag your emails from Mailbird right into your Moo.do lists. See more about Mailbird at http://getmailbird.com.

Try it now

We’ve updated our landing page with live demos of how email and file organization work, so please try it out and let us know what you think!

We released an update with improvements to the design of our web and Chrome apps to reduce distraction so you can focus on your content.

Take a look at these before and after screenshots:




  • The options and documents previously available in the sidebar are now accessible from the documents menu in the top left and the options gear in the top right.
  • The search bar at the top of panes has been toned down and integrated into the pane to help show the connection between search and your content.
  • Adding panes is now accessible through the + icon in the top right. This is the first step towards adding additional types of panes in the future.
  • Reduced visual distraction from the top-bar by removing the background color.

Notable Updates

  • iOS background fetch to keep your iPhone/iPad up to date
  • Autocomplete for tags
  • Keyboard shortcuts changed/updated and listed through the Help menu
  • Significant performance and loading speed enhancements

Bugs fixed

  • Date parsing errors

Upcoming Changes

  • Design update for Web and Chrome apps