We’ve added support for repeated dates!

You can add a repeating date to an item by starting the date entry with @every. We’re quite excited to add this feature as it makes our Agenda significantly more powerful. We hope you find this useful - let us know if you have any suggestions or if we’re missing any types of dates you need.

Using Repeated Dates

Define a basic repeating date using a day of the week or a measure of time.

  • @every friday
  • @every day 3:00pm
  • @every 3 days

By default the start of the repeat date is the current time. Use from to set a different start date.

  • @every friday from last wednesday
  • @every tuesday from 11/22

By default there is no end date specified. Use until to set an end date.

  • @every friday until december

Create more complex repeating dates that refer to a specific day of the month.

  • @every 14th
  • @every last day
  • @every dec 10th

Specify dates that skip weeks or only refer to specific weeks in a month.

  • @every other friday
  • @every 3rd friday

Each time you complete the item with the repeated date it will create a new item with the date of the completed instance.

  • Stay organized @11/19
  • Stay organized @every day from 11/20

Other Date Fixes

  • Dates like @next friday 3pm are parsed correctly.

Today’s update includes a big improvement to the way you complete and collapse items.

Notable Updates

  • Completing and Collapsing: Complete an item by tapping on its right edge. Collapse a list by tapping on its left edge. On a computer, you’ll see the buttons to collapse and complete as you move your mouse over items.
  • Automatic Login: When visiting https://moo.do you will be automatically redirected to the app without clicking the Login button. If you want to switch accounts, use the Logout feature from the sidebar in the app.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Mac: In the web app, shortcuts consistently use Ctrl. The Chrome app supports both Ctrl and Cmd shortcuts.
    • Windows: In the web app, shortcuts consistently use Alt. The Chrome app supports both Ctrl and Alt shortcuts.

Bugs Fixed

  • Phone: Landscape mode works better
  • Phone: Drag/drop is faster and more reliable
  • Chrome App: Importing your data works consistently


  • Recurring dates (e.g. @every friday 3pm)
  • iPhone 6 optimization
  • iOS background fetch to keep your iPhone/iPad up to date
  • List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Help

Bugs fixed

  • iOS and Chrome: Calling and emailing contacts is more reliable
  • Chrome: Notifications work again
  • Firefox: Search selection problems
  • Firefox: Pasting was broken in some cases


  • Login screen matches the rest of our style


  • We have an RSS feed now
  • You can now comment on our blog posts

We just released an update with huge improvements to our mobile apps (both iOS and Android). Let us know what you think by sending us an email at [email protected].

Take a look at these before and after screenshots:

The top bar emphasizes search, the add button is less distracting, and the "Archive Completed Items" button is moved to the sidebar

The sidebar includes the documents and outline, with settings moved into its own dialog


  • Mobile: Search is easier to discover in a box at the top with the currently focused list
  • Mobile: Settings are now accessible from the sidebar as a dialog box
  • Mobile: The sidebar is accessible by swiping from left to right
  • Mobile: The sidebar now includes the list of documents
  • Mobile: Improved the visual appearance of dialog menus
  • Mobile: It’s easier to swipe from right to left to bring out the multiselect menu
  • Desktop: The + icon at the top of the pane only shows on hover.
  • General: Messages and tooltips now have a black background to make them more obvious


  • Android: Shake to Undo

Bugs Fixed

  • Autocomplete opening or closing when it was not desirable


  • Automatically update if there’s a pending update and no activity for 5 minutes

Bugs Fixed

  • Android / iOS 8: Notifications occur 30 minutes before their scheduled time
  • Dates rollover at midnight correctly (e.g. @tomorrow becomes @today)
  • Switching between multiple Google accounts is now supported