We have released an update to our iOS app that fixes login and connection isues. If you are having connection problems, update the iOS app in the App Store.

Google has changed their policy on the authentication method that we were using. Going forward, our native apps will use your pre-existing Google authentication on your device.

Moo.do for Kanban

Many Moo.do users like to organize their projects on a Kanban (or Scrum) board for Agile Development. This continues our series of examples of how people and teams are using Moo.do with a description of how Moo.do can be used as a Kanban board.

Post-it Madness

Moo.do is designed to be extremely flexible. Our goal is to allow anyone to organize in a way that makes the most sense for them. While building Moo.do, we’ve been using it to manage its own development: as a planner, project manager, todo list, calendar, and bug tracker. I’ll describe how we use Moo.do as the first of a series of examples of how people and teams are using Moo.do.

We have spent a majority of the development process working remotely and in vastly different time zones, so making sure we know what to work on next without additional communication is especially important.

Calendar Pane (Beta)

Moo.do now has a full Calendar! The new Calendar Pane has the original Agenda view as well as Day, Week, and Month views.

While we love the Agenda view for an overview of what’s next, it is much easier to schedule and manage tasks, appointments, and emails on a calendar.

Moo.do tasks + Google Calendar

Combined with the Google Calendar integration, the Calendar Pane shows Moo.do tasks as well as appointments from Google Calendar. Moo.do and Google Calendar synchronize in both directions, so you can manage your calendar with Moo.do as well as work with your Moo.do events from other Calendar apps.

Calendar item context

Clicking an item in the calendar opens a new item details popup, which shows breadcrumbs for its parents, notes, and children.

Zoom and search Calendar

Search in the Calendar is the same as in other panes, so you can zoom the Calendar into a project and search for tags or other details, or show only high priority events.


Users of the free version of Moo.do will continue to have the Agenda, but the new Day, Week, and Month views are part of Moo.do Premium.

Help us improve

This is an Early Access release, meaning we want your feedback to get this feature right. Please let us know how you use the Calendar pane and how we can improve it for you. Thank you!

Mobile Gmail Update

Over the past two months we’ve been steadily improving the mobile Gmail experience, and today we are releasing some new features that make organizing your emails much easier.

Drag to Outline

This makes it super quick to move emails into your Outline. When you drag an email onto “Drag to Outline,” Moo.do quickly switches to your Outline Pane to drop the email.

Drop Bucket

The other option you can see in the above image is “Drag here to save,” which makes it much easier to rearrange items in large documents. Dropping items on this area saves them, and then you can drag them out later.

Instant pane switching

We’ve also been doing a lot of work on the speed of the iOS and Android apps, so you can now switch panes with no delay.