• Premium users will notice there is now a Gmail button in the bottom toolbar of the Moo.do iOS and Android apps. Moo.do now has a full mobile email client!

    We are launching the mobile Gmail pane in beta today to bring it to you as quickly as possible. While mobile Gmail is in beta, we will be continuing to add email features and tighter integrations between your email and your Outline, as well as adding educational content on how to get the most of out Moo.do.

    The Gmail pane will be available on your phone or tablet if you are a Premium user and have enabled the Gmail plugin in the desktop app.

    In Development

    • Mobile
      • Plugin settings
      • Welcome screen for new users
      • Drag/drop email to Outline
    • Search history
    • Calendar view
  • Update: This feature is now called Boards and was updated in https://moo.do/blog/desktop-design.

    We've received many requests for a better way to manage multiple panes and workflows, especially since the launch of the Gmail plugin. So today Moo.do has a new Premium feature: Workspaces.

    Workspaces lets you save multiple sets of panes and easily switch between workflows. So if you use one set of panes for processing your email, another for managing your team, and another for focusing on your own work, you can save each Workspace and easily move between them.

  • Our next major goal for Moo.do is to bring the mobile app up to date with all of the features we have added on the desktop. Today's update is the first step towards that goal, bringing the iOS and Android apps up to date with modern design patterns and preparing to support the Gmail and Drive panes.

    Overview of changes

    • Switch panes in the bottom bar
    • Filter by priority/completed/starred with the button
    • Swipe items to the left or right to collapse, zoom in, complete, and delete
    • Select multiple items at once using the menu in the top right
    • Tap the button to open the overview
    • Switching documents by tapping the bottom of the overview

    In Development

    In addition to continuing the improvements to the mobile app, we have some new premium features coming over the next few weeks.

  • Moo.do will now use your signature and alias settings from Gmail. You don't even have to do anything to set up signatures in Moo.do.

    Thank you to everyone who requested that feature! We're always looking for ways to improve Moo.do, so please let us know if there's anything else that can make it better for you.

    We're also very excited that Moo.do is on Product Hunt today! Your support and thoughts in the comments would be incredibly helpful to us. Thank you!

  • Four months ago we released the Gmail plugin into Early Access Beta. Thanks to all of your support and feedback, we are happy to announce that Moo.do for Gmail is now available for free to everyone!

    We originally started Moo.do because we wanted to manage our email, tasks, and calendar together in one powerful organization system. Now that we have a full email client built into Moo.do, we've finally realized our goal. This is a very exciting day for us!

    Check out this longer article on Medium about why we integrated email into Moo.do and how it works: https://medium.com/moo-do/were-making-email-a-powerful-todo-list-a418d6ef0580

    Launch announcements

    Try it now

    If you are not already using Moo.do for Gmail, you can enable the Gmail plugin from the desktop app in the Settings menu. You can also connect multiple Gmail accounts in the Linked Accounts section.