First off, thank you to everyone for bearing with us through the migration to the new backend which wasn’t quite as smooth as we had hoped. We’ve fixed the majority of the bugs and missing features since the release, but if you still have any issues reach out to us at [email protected] or in the Slack group.

Now let’s get into the updates!

Local documents (beta)

The desktop app has a new feature to store documents on your computer that do not sync with the server. It saves your documents as .json files into a folder of your choosing (see the new “Desktop App” section in the Settings). watches the files and reacts to changes instantly, so you can reliably sync the folder with your own sync/backup system if you’d like.

Note: this is an option in addition to the normal sync system, which is not going away.

This has some important benefits:

  • For the privacy focused:’s encryption options make syncing with our database very secure, but not syncing at all is even more secure.
  • For networks that block Google: Sync the folder with your preferred sync service.
  • For the hackers: You control the data so you can read and change it outside of

And one big downside:

  • Documents not available elsewhere: The mobile and web apps can only see documents that are synced with

To get started working with local documents, get the latest version (1.3.0) of the desktop app. It should update itself, or you can download it here. Then when you click the + button in the document list to add a new button, you’ll see a menu to choose local or synced.

We’re calling the local documents feature a beta because there’s a lot more we want to do with it. When fully finished will be able to function without signing in at all by syncing boards and settings as files too. We’d also like to add other niceties like multiple storage locations and saving files in a Markdown format. And let us know if there’s anything else you’d like from local documents support.

Lots of fixes

We’ve been focusing on fixing bugs and making everything very stable since the new backend release last month. The highlights include:

  • Automated cloud backups and new revision history system, and the desktop app does local backups
  • Fixed emails stuck loading in Mailbird
  • New plugin caching system that improves load time and fixes many email and calendar bugs
  • Change or remove encryption password
  • Sort the list of documents alphabetically or by last modified
  • Repeat dates show every single instance on the calendar
  • Repeat dates can recur from their completion date
  • Images show as uploading until they’re done
  • Fixed images were sometimes not loading
  • Notifications work much better
  • Fixed downloading attachments and opening links from the desktop apps
  • Paste of a lot of items is much faster
  • New settings for enabling plugins per account

See the changelog for the full list of changes.

Next up

We’re now working on building new mobile apps, and of course continuing with bug fixing.

Talk to us

If you want to get involved in shaping’s direction, join our active beta community or just email us.