We’ve added your most requested feature: Markdown! This brings three main benefits:

  1. You have more control over what each item on your list is: headers, tasks, bullets, and numbered lists.
  2. Along with the improved intro, it should be easier for new users to get started.
  3. It’s pretty!

How it works


  • # to create a header, or + Shift + 3
  • [ or [] or [ ] to create a task, or + Shift + [
  • * or - or + to create a bullet
  • 1. to create a numbered list
  • Buttons at the top of the pane to add project, task, item


  • *italic* or **bold** or ***both***
  • + B to bold and + I to italic (as usual).
  • [Title](address) or + K to insert links with a title
  • — to create a horizontal line
  • Formatting only shows while items are selected

Search filters

  • New filters to show/hide headers and tasks. These work especially well combined with the flat search filter.

Display Settings

  • New Markdown layout theme
  • New advanced settings for header size, checkbox opacity, and background color