This update continues improving pain points in our desktop user experience and includes many bug fixes.


  • New Create Task for emails (pictured above): Add selected email(s) as child of the new task, set a note and priority, optionally add it to an existing item, and add it to the Outline.
  • New item menu has options for adding as a child of an existing item, note and priority
  • + click on filters for the opposite filter, such as “Show only completed”
  • Fixed: Notifications firing for children of completed items
  • Fixed: Issues with @soon, @later, and @someday appearing in the incorrect Agenda block
  • Fixed: Flat search hiding children of completed items


  • Click and hold on item text in pane headers to show a menu of that item’s siblings to zoom into them. In the Gmail pane that makes it easy to switch between accounts.


  • Adding an item in the Calendar pane can optionally sync the new item with Google Calendar
  • Better error reporting for calendar syncing
  • Make read-only calendars easier to work with
  • Added a Calendars button to change which Google Calendars are visible in the Calendar pane, as well as toggle display of local non-Google Calendar items.

Desktop app

  • Downloading attachments shows progress and opens the attachment when it’s done downloading.


  • Fixed: Editing issues on Android with Enter and Backspace
  • Tapping on the sides of items on mobile no long collapses or completes items. Swipe left or right on an item to collapse or complete it.