We’ve added support for repeated dates!

You can add a repeating date to an item by starting the date entry with @every. We’re quite excited to add this feature as it makes our Agenda significantly more powerful. We hope you find this useful - let us know if you have any suggestions or if we’re missing any types of dates you need.

Using Repeated Dates

Define a basic repeating date using a day of the week or a measure of time.

  • @every friday
  • @every day 3:00pm
  • @every 3 days

By default the start of the repeat date is the current time. Use from to set a different start date.

  • @every friday from last wednesday
  • @every tuesday from 11/22

By default there is no end date specified. Use until to set an end date.

  • @every friday until december

Create more complex repeating dates that refer to a specific day of the month.

  • @every 14th
  • @every last day
  • @every dec 10th

Specify dates that skip weeks or only refer to specific weeks in a month.

  • @every other friday
  • @every 3rd friday

Each time you complete the item with the repeated date it will create a new item with the date of the completed instance.

  • Stay organized @11/19
  • Stay organized @every day from 11/20

Other Date Fixes

  • Dates like @next friday 3pm are parsed correctly.