Big Changes Coming

This blog has been quiet recently not because nothing is happening, but the opposite! We’ve been quietly working on some big changes which we are now beta testing with a small group of users. We will have more to announce soon…

If you’re interested in helping with beta testing, and want to give lots of feedback to help shape a beta version that changes multiple times per day, go to for more info.

We’re looking forward to sharing with we’ve been working on as soon as possible!

November Update

In this update we have a variety of updates mainly focused on improving the iOS and Android apps.


Zooming in the overview fades items out of view and displays the zoomed item with bold text. This makes it easier to jump between projects.

Standard Gmail labels have icons for easier navigation between labels. Open the overview or click the title in the top bar to switch.

iOS and Android

The top bar now shows the currently zoomed item as well as the hierarchy above it. Search and filter are in a second bar that hides when you scroll down. View search again by scrolling back up. The keyboard toolbar is larger and more attractive. It saves your scroll position so the buttons you last used are always visible.

The email preview has arrows at the top to navigate between emails, and a toolbar at the bottom for common actions.

The overview has a dark background and larger spacing for items, for easier navigation.


The pane header is rearranged to put item titles on the bottom row, with the zoomed item in big bold text. All of the action buttons are together at the right side, and search is centered on the top row.

Agenda blocks are collapsible, so you can hide the blocks you don’t care to see right now. This state is saved per-pane.

Help us improve

As always, please let us know if you find any issues or how we can make our apps better for you. Thanks!

International Dates

We have added international date formats!

Choose between M/D/Y, D/M/Y, and Y/M/D in the desktop app and website by using the Settings menu from the sidebar and going to the General section.

Once you have selected the date format you want to use, all previous dates will be automatically updated for you. All dates that you enter in the future will be assumed to be in the format you have selected. Each person collaborating on a document will see dates in the format that they have selected.

OneNote integration

If you paste a OneNote link into, you will now see a OneNote icon next to it. Clicking a OneNote link will open it in the native OneNote app.

Updates September 16

Evernote integration

If you paste an Evernote link into or drag a note from Evernote (dragging only works on Mac), you will now see an Evernote icon next to it. Clicking an Evernote link will (optionally) open it in the native Evernote app.

Image lightbox

  • Images now open in a lightbox for quick previewing.
  • + click to open in a new tab as before.
  • This works for images in Google Drive, image email attachments, and links to images.


  • Changed: Switched hotkeys for new item and new email. N** is for **New item and E** is for New **Email.
  • New: Option to add events to Google Calendar without creating a local item
  • New: Highlight opened email in Outline pane
  • Fixed: Android typing missing characters
  • Fixed: Some repeat dates not showing notifications
  • Fixed: Some parsing issues with repeat dates


We’ve added your most requested feature: Markdown! This brings three main benefits:

  1. You have more control over what each item on your list is: headers, tasks, bullets, and numbered lists.
  2. Along with the improved intro, it should be easier for new users to get started.
  3. It’s pretty!

How it works


  • # to create a header, or + Shift + 3
  • [ or [] or [ ] to create a task, or + Shift + [
  • * or - or + to create a bullet
  • 1. to create a numbered list
  • Buttons at the top of the pane to add project, task, item


  • *italic* or **bold** or ***both***
  • + B to bold and + I to italic (as usual).
  • [Title](address) or + K to insert links with a title
  • — to create a horizontal line
  • Formatting only shows while items are selected

Search filters

  • New filters to show/hide headers and tasks. These work especially well combined with the flat search filter.

Display Settings

  • New Markdown layout theme
  • New advanced settings for header size, checkbox opacity, and background color