Updates August 6

This update continues improving pain points in our desktop user experience and includes many bug fixes.


  • New Create Task for emails (pictured above): Add selected email(s) as child of the new task, set a note and priority, optionally add it to an existing item, and add it to the Outline.
  • New item menu has options for adding as a child of an existing item, note and priority
  • + click on filters for the opposite filter, such as “Show only completed”
  • Fixed: Notifications firing for children of completed items
  • Fixed: Issues with @soon, @later, and @someday appearing in the incorrect Agenda block
  • Fixed: Flat search hiding children of completed items


  • Click and hold on item text in pane headers to show a menu of that item’s siblings to zoom into them. In the Gmail pane that makes it easy to switch between accounts.


  • Adding an item in the Calendar pane can optionally sync the new item with Google Calendar
  • Better error reporting for calendar syncing
  • Make read-only calendars easier to work with
  • Added a Calendars button to change which Google Calendars are visible in the Calendar pane, as well as toggle display of local non-Google Calendar items.

Desktop app

  • Downloading attachments shows progress and opens the attachment when it’s done downloading.


  • Fixed: Editing issues on Android with Enter and Backspace
  • Tapping on the sides of items on mobile no long collapses or completes items. Swipe left or right on an item to collapse or complete it.

This month we’ve been working with both new and power users to find pain points in our desktop UX. These updates include features for managing large documents, as well as making interactions more intuitive.

Panes, search, and collapsing

  • Collapse All now collapses every item rather than just those at the top level.
  • Searching does not change the collapsed state of items. This means search will not expand everything to display matches.
  • A new feature called Flat Search has been added. This shows only items that are a direct match, without showing the full hierarchy. Begin using Flat Search by clicking the icon or using the hotkey ( + 6). Click the pencil icon to the left of a search result to see its full details.


  • Documents have been renamed to Files for clarity of their purpose.
  • Workspaces have been renamed to Boards for clarity of their purpose.
  • The sidebar is updated to make the relationship between Files and Boards more clear.
  • The sidebar no longer fully hides, and instead shrinks to a very thin bar.
  • Toggle the sidebar width by clicking the small arrow at the top, or by dragging its edge.

Boards (previously known as Workspaces)

  • Boards can be switched by clicking on them in the sidebar.
  • Use the + B hotkey to switch between Boards with arrow or number keys.
  • The Boards list in the sidebar can be sorted with drag/drop.

Dark Theme

Moo.do now has a dark theme for the desktop app. You can enable it from the Display Settings, accessible by clicking the gear button in the left sidebar of the desktop app.

Let us know if you have any feedback or see any issues with this dark theme. Thanks!

Since the Moo.do 3.0 release last month, we’ve been heavily focused on fixing bugs. Thank you to everyone who sent in feedback and bug reports. If you continue to see any issues, please let us know.


  • Asian languages now work correctly
  • iOS custom keyboards are now supported (iOS app update is in App Store review)
  • Android app properly notifies if authorization failed
  • Improved load time for multi-line items
  • Some load errors or what appeared to be lost data were caused by a Moo.do document being in the Trash in Google Drive, so Moo.do does a better job at detecting that and can automatically fix it
  • Added numbered hotkeys to Boards menu (open menu with + B first)


  • Reply / Reply All / Forward update To / Cc correctly
  • Show archived items when performing a Gmail search
  • Prevent drafts from occasionally disappearing while composing a reply
  • Improve parsing email addresses when replying or forwarding an email
  • Load all labels more reliably

In Development

  • Dark theme

Help us improve

As always, please let us know if you find any issues or how we can make our apps better for you. Thanks!

Today we have a new design for the desktop apps to make Moo.do more intuitive and more attractive. There are small tweaks all over the app but the most notable changes are:

- **Top buttons moved into a sidebar.** This makes it clearer what the buttons do and we think it’s prettier :). Toggle the sidebar with **Cmd + Option + S** on Mac and **Ctrl + Shift + I** on Windows or Linux, and you can still access the buttons by hotkey. - **Rearranged pane header.** The titles are on the first row and search is on the second row, with the search box and filters split to make them more distinct. - **Improved workspace switching.** Open the boards menu with **Ctrl + B** and use the arrow keys to switch between them. - **Many icon changes.** We switched many old icons for newer, prettier icons from the Material Design icon set.

Help us improve

As always, please let us know if you find any issues or how we can make our apps better for you. Thanks!