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Calendar Pane

Day, Week, and Month views for managing your calendar.

Google Drive Pane

Attach documents to your tasks. Dragging a file from your computer into automatically uploads it to Drive.

Google Calendar Sync

Two way sync

Manage your Google Calendar in and/or sync your events with your Google Calendar.


Save sets of panes to easily switch between workflows.

Display Settings

Customize look and feel

Advanced display settings open up all sorts of options to customize to your liking.

Gmail Sync Time

Cache emails for access while offline and quicker load time.
2 days
30 days

Pricing is free to use, free of ads, and nobody can ever read your data.
$5 / month
$49 / year
Core Features
Unlimited items
Powerful search
Realtime collaboration
Multiple Boards
Day, Week, Month views
Google Contacts
Google Drive
Standard email features
Offline sync
2 days
30 days
Google Calendar
Sync tasks
Manage Calendar in
Display settings presets
Advanced display settings
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Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your subscription at any time and we will stop billing you immediately. For monthly subscriptions this means we will not bill you the following month. If you cancel your subscription part way into a month, you will continue to have access to premium features until the end of that month. Please contact [email protected] if you mistakenly cancelled your subscription, would like to change your billing plan, or for further information.