The Product is the task manager for everything. By bringing all of your data into one consistent interface with a built-in email client, keeps all aspects of your life organized. is designed to adapt to you. It uses a flexible content-first interface so you can write your tasks in an outline format as you would on paper or in a simple text editor. is available on any computer, tablet, or phone and synchronizes all devices and users in realtime. works offline and your data is always recoverable once synced.

The Plan

Our goal is to help people organize everything in one place so that they can stay in their flow and avoid unnecessary task switching and searching for what to do next.

We created because we were frustrated with the difficulty of using multiple unconnected services. We had to-do lists completely unrelated to our calendars. We were referencing emails, texts, and chats on multiple networks. We were spending a lot of time organizing our organization systems.

We believe that software can be both easy to use and powerful, so is designed to focus on content and be easier to use than a piece of paper. We're just getting started with integrating services and believe that bringing everything together in one familiar place will greatly improve everybody's productivity.

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The Team
Seattle, WA
Prior to, Jay worked in Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group where he helped start the Surface tablet project and researched future experiences for Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, and Surface. Jay received his B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University while exploring his passion for game development in the Game Creation Society. Jay is a nomad, traveling and pursuing his loves of food and photography in his free time.
Seattle, WA
Before founding, Grant worked on the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft to improve their graphics and touch experience. He implemented the CSS 3D Transforms spec and helped bring multi-threaded rendering to Internet Explorer. Grant received his B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University with an emphasis on robotics and graphics. In his free time he likes to play soccer and ski.
In Press

"What makes different is that it treats your emails like any other task, file, note or appointment – and then gives you a unified place to manage everything."

"This organizational-chimera-that-could has quickly become one of my favorite ways to organize and stay on top of the various tasks and lists that I make for myself."

Everything works together (img) (video)
Effectively organize your projects (img)
Effectively organize your projects (img) (video)
Email is now a powerful todo list (img) (video)
Schedule your tasks in your calendar (img) (video)
Drag emails right onto your calendar (img)
Set up Kanban boards with multiple panes side by side (img)
Organize with priorities and stars, and tags for context (img)
View tasks by assignment and attach files from Drive (img)
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Case Studies
Project Management Case Study - How we use to manage its own development. for Kanban - How can be used as a team organization tool.